SONY – Jump In

‘Jump In’, a short film created for the launch of the Sony 16-35mm f/4 PZ G Lens

From tracking the urban landscape of Brighton on the south coast of the UK, to the scenic white cliffs along the coast, ’Jump In’ follows the journey of a boy who wants to better his craft and takes a risk to do so.

Our Process


The Brief

When Sony gets in touch about creating a product launch promotional film, it is always an exciting moment. What will the product be, what features will it have? We normally run over all the tech spec on a zoom call, and by the end of that call we have a very clear idea of all the USP’s and benefits of this new piece of kit.

The Creative

The next stage of the process is translating all this information into a visual representation that clearly conveys the benefits of this particular piece of equipment. Strong ideas will always come to us during the initial zoom call and some of those ideas stay until the final treatment. In this case the product was a 16-35mm Power Zoom lens. A lens this wide is often used to capture architecture and so we took that as a starting point and drew on inspiration of the Netflix series ‘Top Boy’ with its gritty streets and high rise tower blocks on London. We then crafted a story around that so the film had some narrative but not too much dialogue as we wanted this film to be viewed across the world and for the visuals to do most of the talking.

The Pre Production

Once we had the story locked down we set out to find the right talent. The story was based around the sport of skipping (Jump Rope to be exact) and so we reached out to a few jump rope crews based in London and JUMP LDN got on board.

We discussed the story the locations and the style of the short film and they got back with a fantastic line up of skilled athletes that were willing to get involved, 2 of them travelled over from Paris
There were 3 main locations and we had to get filming permits for each.

We had a bespoke music soundtrack composed by long term collaborator EAMES Music which was essential to have on location while filming so the jump rope crew were skipping in time with the beat

The Execution

 We were a small crew of just 4 people, and that included BTS video and stills.

As this was an outdoors shoot in the UK at the start of March, the weather was always going to be an issue. All weather apps were reporting rain so we were prepared with brolly’s and tarp for the kit.

Luckily the rain held off until the very last hour of the shoot and the grey overcast clouds added to the bleak moodiness of the story and provided a contrast to the colourful upbeat end scene.


First of all, thanks again for your fantastic effort and great delivery of Jump In!
It has been really well received, everyone I spoke to here and in Europe absolutely love it.

Some comments I received:

Really impressive and very high quality content!

I was moved by Jump In image quality, and the behind the scenes was also very impressive .

Great short movie and BTS amazing too!

Enjoyed watching Zapper, a really quirky, entertaining and immersive short film!

Music was amazing, great choice, very talented team!

Jazz Sidharh

Marketing Manager, Sony Europe

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