Aerial Filmmaking & Photography

By raising the perspective, we raise the production value of any project.


Soar to new heights with Foundlight’s awe-inspiring aerial filming services!

We are more than just creators; we capture the essence of cinematic wonder from the heavens above. As nimble as a flock of birds, our skilled drone pilots navigate the open skies, deftly capturing breathtaking panoramas that transcend the ordinary. From vast, sweeping landscapes that mirror the vastness of imagination to intimate aerial close-ups that reveal hidden emotions.

Embracing the power of aerial perspective, we uncover new angles, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary, and transcending the boundaries of conventional storytelling.

Unleash the limitless potential of aerial storytelling, and let your stories take flight with Foundlight’s aerial filming expertise!


A unique perspective

Having the ability to fly a small drone to otherwise unreachable heights not only raises the perspective of the shot, but also raises the production value of any project.

Whether you need a short clip or a long epic sweeping shot, Foundlight have the skills to take your aerial filming needs to new heights.

Why Foundlight for Aerial filmmaking?

Let’s make something great together…

As a full service video production agency based on the south coast Foundlight Productions are excited to sink our teeth into whatever video work you need producing. From one-off fast turn around social content to a full blown cinematic masterpiece, we’d love to help make your video ideas into reality. Drop us a line and let’s chat…