Timelapse Photography

Racing through time.

Time-lapse photography is a technique that makes time appear to speed up. By using this method you can compress hours or days worth of footage into just a few seconds.

Picture this: the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky with a tapestry of colors, while our time-lapse magic transforms a simple sunset into an awe-inspiring masterpiece. Our skilled team harness the power of time to capture the essence of growth, as flowers bloom and cities pulsate with life in accelerated splendor.

We have a range of equipment to achieve super dynamic time-lapse sequences, from tracking sliders and drones, to hand held gimbals for Hyperlapse sequences.

With our cutting-edge time lapse techniques, every heartbeat of nature and architecture comes alive, encapsulating the essence of life itself.

Why time-lapse and when?


This can add real value when documenting events, or even in narrative work to show the passing of time between scenes.

This was utilised well in the (very much loved by Foundlight) ‘Breaking Bad’ series.

Why Foundlight for timelapse?

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We have been creating timelapse sequences since 2004 and have built up a
range of kit to achieve different results.

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Having started our journey in photography, we understand the ‘still image’ process and how to get the most from them.

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Timelapse sequences are made up of still images, but the end result is a moving image. We understand how to bring movement to still images.


View our timelapse reel

Let’s make something great together…

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